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Solomon Weave Paracord Belt (Base Price $35.00)

Solomon Weave Paracord Belt (Base Price $35.00)

Solomon Weave Paracord Belt

These belts are hand made in the Solomon Weave. They are made from Authentic 550 lb tested para cord manufactured in the USA. Each belt contains anywhere from 60 ft to 120 ft of para cord depending on size. They are called "Survival Belts" because it can be un-raveled and used in a survival situation to create a shelter, rabbit snares, or just help tie down the items in your trailer when you forgot to bring your tie-downs to the hardware store, the uses are endless. Also, there are 7 internal strands inside the para cord that can be used for fishing, sewing, or whatever else you can think of.


*To make sure of your waist size, measure a belt that you currently wear from the buckle to the hole you clasp is thru, then choose the appopriate waist measurement from the selection below

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